Beverly Hyden, Realtor

Hi!  I’m Beverly Hyden. It is my passion to help clients find and purchase the best home – one which truly pleases them.  My clients say I’m a people person and go  beyond just great service by delivering the ideal home choices. When working for clients I listen carefully to understand exactly what they want – whether I’m helping find the perfect retirement condo or a home in a great school district for raising children.  Detailed local knowledge from living here most of my life enables me to pinpoint the perfect location for clients quickly and accurately. Clients do seem to appreciate my insight on Pinellas County’s history, lifestyle, and things to do.  It is well known that our beaches are famous for beautiful sugar white sand. I also love sharing details on the best fishing spots, the best golf courses, and the nicest dog parks.  Our stadiums are busy with professional sports teams of all kinds, and our performing arts theatres offer the best entertainment and performances. Plus, I have special tips on our nationally recognized museums.  Our lifestyle in Pinellas County is wonderful. It will be my pleasure to help you live in and enjoy it with us. Then you’ll want to share it with all your friends.

Suzan Oliphant, Realtor

I am one of the few people actually born and raised in Florida.  Pinellas County is a very familiar place to me—all the cultural offerings, the best golf courses, the nicest dog parks and, of course, our very famous white sandy beaches.  Working with my customers to find the absolute best property for their needs is what I do.   My desire is to make my customers happy, have fun while looking for their property, and be friends thereafter.    Pinellas County is a great place to live, work, or retire.    Our nightly sunsets are out of this world beautiful.  Come join us!


Nancy Welch, Broker Associate, Pat Plumlee, Inc.

My name is Nancy Welch and I came to Pat Plumlee, Inc. to work as part of a team with my good friend Beverly Hyden.   I obtained my Real Estate license in 1983 and worked in North Florida and Virginia before relocating to the Tampa Bay area.  In addition to working in Real Estate, I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work and have worked in Tampa Bay in the areas of caring for the elderly, Hospice, and grades K-12 school social work.  This has given me a great deal of experience in listening skills and helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams. As a native of Florida, I want to share my love of our state.  From our pristine beaches to our many state and county parks, to our vast educational opportunities for our children, not to mention many fine dining and casual eateries, there is so much to experience in this area.


Ava Grace, Unlicensed Assistant

Let me introduce AVA GRACE—Ava is my Harlequin Great Dane.  From time to time you will see a blog from Ava, she sees a lot, has a lot to say and is very friendly.  Three years ago I purchased a battery operated adult tricycle—it goes 20 miles per hour.  Most mornings about 8:30 a.m. you can see the two of us happily going through the neighborhood doing our thing.  It’s Ava’s time to shine.  Cars that pass us by always stop to tell me she is beautiful and you should see her ears perk up.  SHE KNOWS SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!  She is truly my best friend and I love her.

Ava is the 4th member of our team and we count on her for support.




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