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Beverly Hyden, Realtor


A lot of people have the opinion that you cannot purchase a home in Florida–they are too expensive.  I would like the opportunity to show you otherwise.  Right now, we  have a home to fit almost every budget whether you are looking for a condo or a single-family home. Come to Pinellas County and let our team show  you how affordable the homes are. Our condos on the beach feature our fabulous sunsets and our single-family homes are almost always close to a school for your children.  There is a home for every buyer; let us find your perfect home. Pinellas County has everything to offer you; come and join us.


As a recently retired sales professional, I thought I would give you my thoughts on how the sale went on our townhouse in IRB. Suzan and Beverly did a great job in all aspects.  Pre-sale, neither were “pushy”, they both listened and answered all of our questions and concerns in a timely fashion.  Both Suzan and Beverly spent the time needed to get the job done and make sure that we were satisfied.  As we closed in on the sale, they did their best to make sure that the closing would come off without an issue.  As a side note, I am pretty sure that Beverly gave the gentleman from Coastline Title a good verbal thrashing.  Post-sale, Suzan had taken the time to have a couple of contractors bid work that we wanted to have done right away.  Both contractors did excellent work, on time, and on budget. It has been my experience that the best sales people are the ones that “partner” with the prospect, work with them to accomplish a common goal.  Both Suzan and Beverly are those type of sales people.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the area.
Cary Conklin
Beverly was a joy to work with. Hopefully, we will work again together.
Maureen Polo

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